• How do I find my Election Day polling location? Click here

  • Find your polling place at

  • Don’t forget to bring a photo ID to vote.

  • If you are in line when polls close, stay in line. Anyone in line when the polls close at 7 pm must be allowed to vote.

  • Call our Voter Assistance Hotline at (785) 294-3457, if you have questions or issues voting on Election Day.

  • Polling places often change from election to election – always check where yours is before you go vote to make sure you head to the right place!

Need physical assistance on Election Day? You may be eligible for Curbside Voting!

About Curbside Voting:

If you are elderly, mobility imparied, or otherwise unable to enter a polling place, you have the right to vote curbside on Election Day.

How to vote curbside:

  • Be sure to have your valid photo ID ready.
  • Park in an accessible parking spot or near a location where you will be able to alert workers inside that you wish to vote curbside. There should be a sign with a number to call or a wireless door-bell type system. 
    • If there is no signage, please report this to our Voter Assistance Hotline at (785) 294-3457. Our team will work with you to resolve the issue. 
  • Once the poll workers are alerted, two poll workers will come to your vehicle and assist you without you having to go inside. 
    • Remember, it is a vote cast curbside. It is NOT a provisional vote. If there is any question about this please call the Voter Assistance Hotline at (785) 294-3457. 


¿Tienes preguntas? Llama a nuestra línea de apoyo al votante al: Voter Assistance Hotline: (785) 294-3457