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Meet Our Fellows


The Kansas Democratic Party Political Fellowship offers mentorship, leadership, and campaign training for Democrats across the state of Kansas. Leaders in Democratic politics are involved in all aspects of the program to develop and train the next generation of leaders.

Instructional sessions take place during five weekend sessions. Each KDP Fellow is expected to work in conjunction with either the KDP office, a local Democratic organization, or a campaign for a minimum of 20 hours per month. As a capstone project, KDP Fellows develop and implement a project of their choosing.


The goal of the Fellowship is to develop leadership from the rising Kansas electorate in politically strategic areas in rural and urban Kansas. We mentor and grow emerging talent in the Kansas Democratic Party by fostering an in-depth understanding of the political process, strengthening the depth of the party, and building up local progressive organizations.

Training sessions include:

– Examining the challenges and qualities of leadership necessary in politics

– Exploring current situations and case studies

– Developing and executing a successful strategy and campaign

– Building a fundraising program and raising the necessary funds to win a campaign

– Creating and communicating messages that educate and motivate others to action

– Understanding the importance of a field strategy for winning campaigns in Kansas’ political environment

– Networking with current political leaders and current and former campaign staff


We’re seeking a diverse group of dynamic individuals who view politics as an agent for change.  Applications are sought from those interested in enhancing their leadership and political skills in order to better serve their communities, constituencies, or causes.


– Registered Democrat with an interest in state and local politics

– Demonstrated dedication to the values of the party – A basic belief that we are greater together than we are on our own; that our country succeeds when everyone has a fair shot, does their fair share, and plays by the same rules

– Experience in community service

– Self-directed individuals with a desire to enhance personal leadership skills

– Desire to influence the political process

– Long-term interest in campaign work


There are five sessions scheduled between April and August with a celebratory wrap-up in December. Most weekends begin on Friday evening and conclude Sunday afternoon, and are based out of the KDP headquarters in Topeka. Full participation is required. Each weekend includes experiential learning and a project to complete before the next session. There are significant opportunities for connecting with leaders in the party and getting involved with party events.

The KDP Fellowship is a substantial time commitment. Participants are expected to attend all weekend sessions and fully participate in all activities. Fellows are expected to complete a minimum of 20 hours per month of involvement in local politics outside of work. All expenses associated with weekend trainings, including mileage, are covered. Fellows receive $500 a month for the duration of the five weekend training sessions.

2018 Training Schedule

May 18–20

Overview Session – KDP Office

June 22–24

Finance – KDP Office

July 20-22

Field Session – KDP Office

August 10–12

Communications Session – KDP Office

August 24–25

GOTV – Demofest 2018

December 1

Fellowship Project Completion & Closing Event – Location TBA

Applications for the 2019 cohort will be accepted beginning December 15, 2018

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