Party Officers, Chairs & Ancillary Organizations

Vicki Hiatt


Vicki graduated from the University of Kansas with a master’s degree in special education. A native Kansan, Vicki retired after a rewarding career of teaching and caring for many of Johnson County’s most at-risk children. She made the decision to run for political office after retiring because of her concern for the state’s slow economic growth and revenue shortages that have forced cuts to state services such as public education funding and mental health programs. With firsthand experience of running a house and senate campaign and political involvement with her county party, Vicki works to recruit and train candidates statewide as chair.

Brandon Johnson
Vice Chair


George Hanna


Gina Long


Teresa Garcia Krusor
National Committeewoman


In addition to her position as the National Committeewoman for Kansas, Teresa is also the DNC Hispanic Midwestern Caucus chair. She has been active with the Kansas Democratic Party for close to 30 years, serving as Cowley County secretary and chair, vice chair, secretary, and vice chair for the 4th congressional district for the Kansas Democratic Party. Teresa has also worked as a representative of the DNC Midwestern States, treasurer of the DNC Association of State Chairs, a member of the Executive Committee of the Association of State Democratic Chairs, and the contact person for the ASDC Alumni Chairs.

Chris Reeves
National Committeeman


Chris is a technology consultant and a political junky. A member of the Democratic National Committee, representing his home state of Kansas, he has also served on the Rules Committee at the DNC 2016 convention. Chris was moderator of the Netroots Nation panel “Local Stepping Stones: Electing People of Color, LGBT Leaders and Progressive Women at the State and Local Levels” in 2016. He is the father of a special needs child and an advocate for autism awareness.

Executive Committee Members

Vicki Hiatt, Chair
Brandon Johnson, Vice Chair
George Hanna, Secretary
Gina Long, Treasurer

Teresa Krusor, National Committeewoman
Chris Reeves, National Committeeman
Anthony Hensley, Senate Democratic Leader
Tom Sawyer, House Democratic Leader

First District

Sage TeBeest, Chair
Dan Knupp, Vice Chair
Paula Roegge, Secretary
Von Peterson, Treasurer

Second District

Sherri Grogan, Chair
Ty Dragoo, Vice Chair
Terry Manies, Secretary
Lynn Grant, Treasurer

Third District

Alyce Edwards, Chair
Mo Azeem, Vice Chair
Amber Sellers, Secretary
Hank Chamberlin, Treasurer

Fourth District

James Thompson, Chair
Rhonda Cox, Vice Chair
Jean Schodorf, Secretary
John Moeder, Treasurer

Rules and Bylaws
Kyle Russell, Chair

Gina Long, Chair

Stan Fowler, Chair

County Chairs’ Caucus
Shelley Dunham, Chair

Young Democrats Caucus
Damien Gilbert, President

Local Officials Caucus
Angeliina Lawson, Chair

Disability Caucus
Dave Mulford, Chair

Hispanic Caucus
Maria Ysaac-Belmares, Co-Chair

Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus
Rehan Reza, Chair

Veterans and Military Families Caucus
George Hanna, Chair

LGBTQ Caucus
Stephanie Mott, Chair

Labor Caucus
Shaun Junkins, Chair

African American Caucus 
Steven Wright, Chair

Kansas Federation of Women’s Democratic Clubs
Frances Jackson, President

Food & Farm Caucus
Lee Cross, Chair

Progressive Caucus
Anne Pritchett, Chair

Native American Caucus
Ma’Ko’Quah Abigail Jones, Chair

Rural Caucus
David Curtis,  Chair