A renewal of our commitment to the rights of our independent family farmers and ranchers

The foundation of any society is the ability to grow food, feed people, and generate an economy through agriculture.  Accordingly, we believe farmers and rural economies should be protected, maintained, and sustained for the good of all Kansans. The Farmers and Rural Communities Bill of Rights is a renewal of our commitment to the rights of our independent family farmers and ranchers to maintaining fairness, equality, and justice for all concerned.

The Kansas Democratic Party is steadfast in the belief that farmers, ranchers, and rural Kansans are entitled to the following rights:

The Right to Fair and Open Markets,
including strong antitrust safeguards, competition between buyers of farm product and those selling to farmers, and protections of contract farmers from multinational corporations.

The Right to Feed Our Community
affordably and in a manner which encourages healthy citizens and families.

The Right to Fair Capital,
ensuring that family farmers and small businesses can equally access fair credit to invest in the revitalization of their communities.

The Right to Protect Our Natural Resources
for generations to come, including the termination and prevention of any corporate stacking and capturing of government agencies, as well as the implementation of meaningful regulations curbing corporate overreach and control.

The Right to Local Control of Our Land,
the termination of foreign corporate ownership of farmland, the protection of a community’s right to establish standards for mega farms, and the limiting of the influence of corporate agribusiness.

The Right to Food Security,
because feeding Kansans is a matter of state and national security. A thriving local and regional food system must be maintained to ensure that security.

The Right to Repair Our Own Tractors and Equipment
free from predatory contracts that increase operating costs and stifle competition in the equipment service market.

The Right to Transparent Labeling,
including country of origin labeling and clear, transparent labels for consumers.

The Right to Access and Opportunity
in education funding, health care, hospitals, and the proper public funding of extension offices so that the best and wide array of agricultural policies are available to all Kansans.

The Right to a Brighter Future
for the next generation, one of new economic opportunities and access to basic services regardless of location.


The Kansas Democratic Party