Emma O’Brien
September 19, 2022


Olathe, KS – Yesterday, proving he’s incapable of rallying support for his campaign from actual Kansans, Derek Schmidt held a campaign event with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, trying to win over his base as Republicans flock to support any candidate – including Governor Laura Kelly and lifelong Republican and current state Senator Dennis Pyle – over him. The Schmidt/DeSantis “unity rally” sparked a counter gathering of a hundred Kansans rallying against the hate and divisiveness these two politicians represent.

Read more about what Kansans had to say about DeSantis campaigning for Schmidt below: 

  • Kansas City Star: ‘DeSantis, get out of Kansas’: Protesters have their say outside Derek Schmidt rally
    • ​​​​Joan Robbins: “The great schools we have in Kansas really declined under Brownback. And I see Schmidt as another Brownback.” 
    • Senator Cindy Holscher: “We have seen through Derek Schmidt’s alignment with various politicians that he brings a brand of extremism that is very concerning for Kansas and out of touch with Kansas voters.”
  • Jae Moyer: “It just kind of shows how Derek Schmidt is in with these horribly divisive, horribly extreme politicians, that is just not right for Kansas. I really think that this will affect the election. I really think that this is a bad look for Schmidt and that this is not something that Kansas wants.” 
  • Henry Stoever: “[Derek Schmidt] did not serve the people of Kansas as he should have as an attorney general. He was so involved in politics that he should be turned out of office.”
  • Representative Heather Meyer: “Kansans don’t need out-of-state extremists peddling hate in our communities and putting vulnerable children and families at risk for their own political gain. This is not the type of leadership that we need or want, and proves that Derek Schmidt is out of touch with Kansans.”