Emma O’Brien
August 8, 2022



Topeka, KS – With the general election in full swing, Kansans have less than three months until they will start casting their ballots for Governor in Kansas. The two candidates running – Governor Laura Kelly and Derek Schmidt – couldn’t be more different, especially when looking at their respective track records on public education.

“Just four years ago, thanks to Sam Brownback and Derek Schmidt, some Kansas schools couldn’t even afford to stay open for a full five days,” said Emma O’Brien, spokesperson for the KDP. “Under their leadership, we sent a message to our students that we didn’t care about their education, or their futures. That’s all a thing of the past thanks to Governor Laura Kelly, who has fully funded schools for four years in a row. If we want to keep investing in our schools, our students, and our future workforce, we must re-elect Governor Laura Kelly this fall.”

Here are the facts: 

On education:

  • Governor Kelly:
    • Has fully funded public education for four years in a row;
    • Increased funding for higher education, protecting Kansas college students from a tuition hike for the first time in years;
    • Secured historic investments for the K-12 education system by increasing funding for special education services by $30 million.
  • Derek Schmidt:
    • Stood by Sam Brownback as his reckless “tax experiment” that underfunded our public schools;
    • Defended Brownback’s tax cuts to education that resulted from the “tax experiment,” wasting $2 million in Kansas taxpayer dollars.