Emma O’Brien
August 4, 2022



Topeka, KS – After inheriting a broken economy, a budget in freefall, underfunded public schools, and a defunded highway fund, Governor Laura Kelly’s bipartisan leadership and steady hand behind the wheel has turned the state of Kansas around. Now, she’s facing off against Brownback ally Derek Schmidt, who stood by the former Governor as the “tax experiment” tanked the state’s economy, underfunded public education, and stole from the Kansas Highway Fund to fill budget holes.

Derek Schmidt claims to be a “fiscal conservative,” but his track record suggests he’s anything but. Let’s take a look at their respective track records and let the number speak for themselves:

Derek Schmidt:

  • $2 billion: The amount Sam Brownback stole from the Kansas Highway Fund to pay for his “tax experiment” that tanked the state’s economy, underfunded our public schools, and left our roads and bridges without maintenance.
  • $1.4 million: How much of Kansas’ taxpayer dollars Derek Schmidt wasted defending  Sam Brownback’s tax cuts to public education that resulted from the “tax experiment.”
  • $1.9 million: The amount Derek Schmidt cost Kansas taxpayers by prolonging a lawsuit he inherited from Kris Kobach, threatening to undermine Kansans’ right to vote.
  • $122 million: How much Kansas consumers will have to start paying back due to Derek Schmidt’s failure to investigate the natural gas price gouging that increased the cost of natural gas by 200 times the normal amount during the 2021 cold snap.
  • $5.3 billion: The amount Kansas has lost in federal funds by failing to expand Medicaid, which Derek Schmidt opposes.

Governor Laura Kelly:

  • $3.8 billion: The amount Kansas brought in for new business development in 2021 – a new record, after breaking the record in 2020 at $2.5 billion.
  • $1 billion: How much Governor Kelly’s tax cuts will save Kansas families – including the food sales tax and property taxes for homeowners.
  • $4 billion: How much will be invested in Kansas thanks to Governor Kelly securing the Panasonic deal in De Soto, along with 4,000 good-paying jobs.
  • $17 billion: The projected economic output for our state if we expanded Medicaid, in addition to:
    • 150,000: The amount of Kansans that would have access to health care if Medicaid was expanded.
    • 23,000: The number of jobs that would be created if we expanded Medicaid.
  • 48,000: The amount of jobs the Kelly administration has created or retained.
  • $1 billion: The investment the Kelly administration made to the Rainy-Day Fund, the largest in Kansas history.
  • $5 billion: The amount Kansas exported in agricultural goods in 2021, for the first time in Kansas’ recorded history.
  • Over 1,000: How many new infrastructure projects Governor Kelly’s administration has started since taking office, including the T-WORKS projects abandoned by the Brownback administration.
  • $65 million: The amount Governor Kelly has increased the state’s funding for public housing.
  • 286: How many bipartisan bills Governor Laura Kelly has signed into law.