Emma O’Brien
April 13, 2022



Topeka, KS  Today, Sam Brownback formally endorsed Scott Schwab for Secretary of State, leaving many wondering if – or more likely when – Derek Schmidt will be next to receive an endorsement from the former Governor whom he worked alongside to attack public education and blow up the budget.

“Derek Schmidt and Sam Brownback spent their time in leadership together tanking Kansas’ economy and underfunding public education in the name of the disastrous ‘tax experiment’ that put politics first and Kansans last,” said Emma O’Brien, spokesperson for the KDP. “Schmidt is carrying the torch for Brownback and his unpopular policies, so it won’t be a surprise if his endorsement comes next. After all, he’s running to drag us back to Brownback.”

Here are some of the ways Schmidt will have earned Brownback’s endorsement:

  • Working with Brownback to underfund public education:
    • As Senate majority leader, Schmidt left Kansas public schools dramatically underfunded, ignoring his constitutional duty to fully fund public education.
    • As attorney general, he spent over $1.4 million taxpayer dollars defending Brownback’s decision to keep schools underfunded.
  • Blocking Medicaid expansion: 
    • As a state Senator, Schmidt opposed Medicaid expansion for 30,000 Kansans, and as attorney general, called efforts to expand Medicaid “unlawful coercion.”
  • Stealing from the Kansas Highway Fund:
    • Schmidt defended former Governor Sam Brownback’s effort to drain the Kansas Highway Fund of $2 billion to fund his failed “tax experiment,” leaving 1,000 miles of Kansas highways neglected.
  • Protecting Brownback and his corrupt administration:
    • Schmidt protected Brownback from having to disclose his private communications with lobbyists concerning government policy to the public, arguing that government employees could conduct public business through private email accounts without the emails becoming party to Kansas’ freedom of information law.

The KDP recently launched a website to hold Derek Schmidt accountable for his track record of siding with Sam Brownback over Kansans. Check out here to learn more.