Emma O’Brien
January 13, 2022 


Topeka, KS — On Tuesday, Governor Laura Kelly delivered her fourth State of the State address and announced a bold proposal that restores funding for higher education and freezes all tuition increases at four-year colleges and universities. Since Governor Kelly took office, she’s kept her promise to restore fiscal sanity and invest in public education, and these proposals prove it.

Here’s what others are saying about Governor Kelly’s proposal to freeze college tuition increases:

  • Kansas Reflector: Kansas Board of Regents, Democrats praise governor’s proposal to freeze college tuition 
    “Kansas college students could soon benefit from a continued effort to minimize rising college tuition, pending approval on a provision in the governor’s budget. In her budget, Gov. Laura Kelly included a request from the Kansas Board of Regents to pay $45.7 million to universities so that the institutions can freeze tuition for students. The proposal comes after years of debate and concern over rising college costs and attempts from lawmakers and the board to slow or stop them. “In her State of the State address Tuesday, Kelly also noted the fiscal impact of the pandemic as a reason to approve the tuition freeze effort. With an estimated budget surplus of $2.9 billion, now is a good a time as any to invest in higher education, she said.”
  • Topeka Capital-Journal: College tuition freeze highlights Kansas governor’s budget request. Here is what to know.
    “A freeze on college tuition at the state’s public universities, and an effort to add $600 million to the state’s rainy day fund highlighted Gov. Laura Kelly’s budget proposal, which was formally released Wednesday…Kelly’s plan would avert a tuition increase at the University of Kansas, Kansas State and the state’s four other public universities for both in-state and non-resident students. It is the first time the governor’s office has initiated action on the issue.”
  • Associated Press: Kansas governor seeks tuition freeze, calls state healthier
    Gov. Laura Kelly called Tuesday for another freeze in tuition at Kansas colleges in a State of the State address that portrayed the state as booming economically and previewed what are likely to be major themes in her reelection campaign…Kelly already is pushing to eliminate the state’s sales tax on groceries and give a $250 rebate to every Kansas resident who filed a state income tax return last year.” 
  • KSHB: KS Gov. Laura Kelly proposes freeze in tuition costs for state colleges in 2023 budget
    “In Kansas’s 2023 Fiscal Year Budget, there is room for investing in higher education…Gov. Laura Kelly announced Tuesday that $45.7 million would be used to freeze tuition at state colleges in an effort to relieve pandemic-stressed students.”“While some universities, like the University of Kansas, have not seen a tuition increase since 2019, data provided by the Kansas Board of Regents, found on page 17, shows that over the last seven years, tuition costs have increased across the state. Proffitt and Kelly are hopeful affordable tuition can become a reality for students.”
  • Kansas Reflector: Kansas governor asks for simple food tax relief, resilience in State of the State speech
    “Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly on Tuesday used her annual State of the State address to propose eliminating the sales tax on food with a simple 13-word phrase, freezing college tuition rates, investing in law enforcement, and funding a state water plan abandoned by previous administrations.” 
  • KCUR: Kansas Gov. Kelly tells lawmakers to freeze college tuition and end the sales tax on food
    Gov. Laura Kelly delivered a State of the State speech Tuesday that called for cutting sales taxes on groceries, freezing public university tuition and eliminating partisan squabbling.” 
  • KCTV: Governor Kelly touts budget surplus in 2022 State of the State Address
    “A rebate on your state income taxes. A freeze in college tuition. No more sales tax on food. Tuesday night, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly touted a budget surplus and big plans to pass along the savings.”