Jane Moore

November 3, 2021



KDP Chairwoman Vicki Hiatt: “I look forward to seeing all the prosperity the Build Back Better agenda will bring to Kansas and our country”

Topeka, KS – Last week, President Biden announced his Build Back Better framework – a comprehensive agenda dedicated to revitalizing the middle class, investing in child care and fighting climate change. The Build Back Better framework will cut taxes and reduce some of the largest expenses for Kansas families. From training America’s workers to making post-secondary school more affordable to reducing the costs of housing, President Biden’s framework will make life more affordable for middle-class workers, all paid for by ensuring the wealthiest pay their fair share.

In response to the newly unveiled framework, the Kansas Democratic Party released the following statement:

“When President Biden took office, he promised to fight for the middle class, and he’s delivering on that promise. Today’s announcement of the Build Back Better Framework puts our country on the cusp of passing historic agendas that will create millions of good paying jobs, grow our economy, take on the climate crisis and uplift the middle class — all while significantly improving the lives of all Americans,” said KDP Chairwoman Vicki Hiatt in a statement. “With President Biden and the Democrats leading the way, I have utmost confidence we will rebuild the backbone of our country. I look forward to seeing all the prosperity the Build Back Better agenda will bring to Kansas and our country.”

The need for the Build Back Better framework is clear:

  • Here in Kansas, financial strain related to child care is a real problem. Child care is a major strain for families in Kansas, where the average annual cost of a child care center for a toddler is $10,481, meaning that a Kansas family with two young children would on average spend 24% of their income on child care for one year.
    • In Kansas, Build Back Better will provide access to child care for 201,582 young children (ages 0-5) per year and ensure these families pay no more than 7% of their income on high-quality child care. Additionally, it will enable Kansas to expand access to free, high-quality preschool and increase the quality of preschool for children who are already enrolled.
  • 163,000 renters in Kansas are rent burdened, meaning they spend more than 30% of their income on rent, while homeownership remains out of reach for many families.
    • Build Back Better will expand rental assistance for Kansas renters, while also increasing the supply of high-quality housing.
  • From 2010 to 2020, Kansas experienced 42 extreme weather events, costing up to $20 billion in damages. Kansas farmers are predicted to lose millions due to climate change in coming years.
    • Build Back Better will set the United States on course to meet its climate targets—a 50-52% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions below 2005 levels by 2030—in a way that creates good-paying union jobs, grows domestic industries, and advances environmental justice.

Read more about what the Build Back Better framework will do for Kansas here.