Azmain Ashraf


April 26, 2021



On divisive, job-killing transgender sports bill, Kansas City Star reports Colyer and Schmidt “both said they would have signed the Kansas version but respected Noem’s choice” to veto.

Topeka, KS — In a major display of partisan hypocrisy over the weekend, Jeff Colyer and Derek Schmidt, who launched misleading and partisan attacks against Governor Kelly for vetoing a divisive and job-killing transgender sports bill, refused to criticize Kansas GOP keynote speaker, Republican Governor Kristi Noem, for vetoing a similar bill in South Dakota.

The Kansas City Star reported on the hypocrisy of Colyer and Schmidt, describing their “milder” response to Noem’s veto, writing: “Gubernatorial candidates Attorney General Derek Schmidt and former Governor Jeff Colyer both said they would have signed the Kansas version but respected Noem’s choice, which Schmidt said will need to be sorted out in South Dakota.”

In what’s quickly emerging as a troubling pattern when asked tough questions, Colyer’s full response was a nonsensical dodge, saying: “These are decisions you need to make as governor and what you’re going to do and sometimes you’re going to get people pushing back on you.”

Adding to the hypocrisy, the Kansas Reflector reported that Schmidt “warned the Kansas Legislature in February that a transgender sports ban would ‘likely be challenged’ on constitutional grounds.”

The events over the weekend come after the Kansas Democratic Party called for Jeff Colyer and Derek Schmidt to answer for their hypocrisy on Friday.

“By hypocritically refusing to call out Republican Governor Noem over the weekend, Jeff Colyer and Derek Schmidt continued to show they’re just shameless politicians who will do or say anything to get a leg up in the GOP’s nasty and extreme primary – even when it comes to taking common sense steps to protect our kids and our jobs. Kansans deserve better than either of these two Brownback retreads.” – KDP Chairwoman Vicki Hiatt.



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