Azmain Ashraf

April 23, 2021



Colyer & Schmidt push for divisive, job-killing plan that South Dakota’s GOP governor opposed and even Schmidt’s own office warned against.

Topeka, KS — There’s going to be one really big elephant in the room at Kansas Republicans major fundraising dinner tomorrow: The keynote speaker, GOP Governor Kristi Noem, just vetoed a harmful transgender sports bill in South Dakota.

The bill Noem killed in South Dakota was very similar to the divisive and job-killing legislation that Governor Kelly vetoed, leading Kansas Republicans like Jeff Colyer and Derek Schmidt to launch misleading, partisan attacks.

Adding to the hypocrisy, even Derek Schmidt’s own office said the harmful transgender sports bill in Kansas “would likely be challenged on constitutional ground.”

The similarities between South Dakota and Kansas on this issue include the fact that Noem specifically cited the potential to lose jobs because NCAA sports events would likely ditch South Dakota if its own version of a harmful transgender sports bill became law. Kansas is set to host major NCAA sporting events at Wichita State in the coming years. If Colyer and Schmidt got their way, losing those events in Wichita could cost the city $7.5 million in revenue.

Furthermore, numerous companies and employers have made clear these types of bills are terrible for jobs and business, while experts say they’re bad for the mental well-being of LGBTQ+ kids and polling shows they’re very unpopular.

“It’s an embarrassing display of extremism and hypocrisy that Kansas Republicans are launching misleading partisan attacks against Governor Kelly while ignoring similar actions from their keynote speaker tomorrow, Republican Governor Kristi Noem,” said KDP Chairwoman Vicki Hiatt. “Will Jeff Colyer and Derek Schmidt call out Kristi Noem for vetoing a harmful transgender sports bill? And would Noem have supported the divisive and job-killing Kansas bill?” 

“No matter what they say, it’s not surprising Jeff Colyer and Derek Schmidt would both support a disastrous bill that hurts our kids and kills jobs given their major roles in pushing Sam Brownback’s failed agenda that devastated our public schools and crashed our economy.”


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