Azmain Ashraf

April 19, 2021 


Topeka, KS — On Monday, April 19th, Jeff Colyer announced his candidacy for Governor. Colyer stumbled during his campaign announcement by repeatedly avoiding questions about his record, suggesting he would to try to bring Kansas back to the failed Brownback/Colyer years of disastrous tax policies, health care cuts and public education cuts.

In a back-and-forth with a reporter about whether the Brownback/Colyer tax policies would have worked if they were given more time, Colyer lost his composure and dodged the question, saying “I’m not talking past.”

In response, the following statement can be attributed to KDP Chair Vicki Hiatt:

 “The Brownback-Colyer Administration was nothing short of a disaster for Kansas families. Colyer may not want to talk about his record, but Kansans remember it. We lived through it. Colyer was a disaster for our economy, a disaster for our schools, a disaster for our roads and bridges, and a disaster for our foster care system. The last thing Kansans want or need is a return to the disastrous leadership that brought our state to its knees.” 

View Jeff Colyer’s exchange with reporters below:


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