February 17, 2021



Topeka, KS — In a news conference on Wednesday, February 17th, Governor Kelly announced her plan to get all K-12 schools across Kansas back up and open. In response, KDP Chair Vicki Hiatt issued the following statement:

“Governor Kelly’s Back to School plan, which prioritizes vaccines for K-12 teachers and staff and provides free testing supplies for all Kansas schools, is a positive step forward to vaccinate all teachers and ensure students are able to return back to school as quickly as possible. As a former educator, I commend the Governor’s plan to provide a safe environment for students and teachers to facilitate a quality education.” 


Read more about the Governor Kelly’s Back to School plan below.

Topeka Capital Journal: Gov. Kelly announces back-to-school COVID-19 vaccination plan for Kansas. (February 17, 2021)

Gov. Laura Kelly in a news conference Wednesday announced a plan to get all K-12 schools across Kansas back up and open, after many shifted to remote or hybrid learning due to the coronavirus.

“I know that everyone is anxious to return to normal… Most of all, we want our kids back in the classroom,” she said. “We all know that virtual school is not ideal… We know that prolonged remote learning is not sustainable.”

Her news comes as in Kansas, and across the nation, parents and school officials have gotten into passionate debates over when to have students back in classroom and how long.

Under the plan, counties will receive additional shipments of COVID-19 vaccine doses earmarked for teachers and staff. The plan will be a coordination between the state health department, local health departments and school districts.

The ultimate goal: Getting every adult working in K-12 settings vaccinated so schools can open.

More research is still needed before it can be determined if children can take the vaccine.

Free rapid results testing supplies will also be made available to schools, said the governor.

KWCH: Gov. Kelly implements new K-12 vaccination plan. (February 17, 2021)

Governor Laura Kelly has implemented a new vaccination plan to get teachers and staff back in classrooms.

Governor Laura Kelly says Kansas has seen 115 new deaths related to COVID-19 and 1,267 new cases since the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s Monday update. She said in total the state has seen 288,717 cases, 9,002 hospitalizations and 4,521 deaths.

According to Gov. Kelly, it was necessary to close schools in March of 2020 while the nation tried to understand the coronavirus better. She said, however, the nation has seen that long-term remote learning is not sustainable. She said she has implemented her new Back to School Vaccination Plan, which will bring additional doses to Kansas counties that are saved just for K-12 teachers and staff. She said the plan will also provide free rapid result testing supplies to schools.

“The emphasis on vaccinating K-12 teachers and staff, the free testing supplies along with continued adherence to other mitigation strategies will allow us to bring students safely back to in person learning,” she said.


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