October 20, 2020

ICYMI – KC STAR: Marshall Pushed to Aid Physician-Owned Hospitals. His Wife Profited from Land Under Them

Topeka, KS – This morning, a bombshell report by the Kansas City Star details how Roger Marshall leveraged his Congressional position to aid physician-owned hospitals and earn a lucrative profit. While hardworking Kansans struggled to keep their families safe and financially afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, Roger Marshall was advocating for loosened restrictions for physician-owned hospitals behind closed doors to reap a reward.

Key Sections from the KC Star:

  • As Kansas scrambled to combat the pandemic in April, Rep. Roger Marshall signed a letter to top congressional leaders proposing 10 actions to fight COVID-19. Item six called for lifting a decade-old ban on new hospitals owned by physicians.
  • The letter came after Marshall’s wife had made at least $195,000 and possibly as much as $450,000 in the previous three years from real estate investments involving physician-owned hospitals.
  • A review of financial disclosures and congressional documents by The Kansas City Star reveals several instances in which Marshall, a Great Bend OB-GYN and the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, pushed Congress to overturn restrictions on physician-owned hospitals while his wife, Laina Marshall, held a financial stake in the industry.
  • They [physician-owned hospitals] have been controversial within the medical community because of concerns that they undercut traditional hospitals by “cherry picking” profitable patients. Critics also contend they create an environment where doctors may have financial incentive in the care they provide, creating a conflict of interest.
  • Annual reports filed by Marshall show that in the years he’s been in Congress, Laina Marshall has held income-generating investments in land and buildings for two physician-owned hospitals in Texas.
  • During those same years, Laina Marshall also held a 2 percent interest labeled in disclosure reports as “HPH Building”— a reference to Houston Physicians Hospital. The interest in the hospital’s land and building was valued between $15,001 and $50,000, with income between $50,001 and $100,000 each year.
  • As his wife’s Texas land investments yielded income, Congressman Marshall took steps to try to improve the market for physician-owned hospitals. In 2017, he co-sponsored the Patient Access to Higher Quality Health Care Act. The legislation would have lifted limits on the construction and expansion of physician-owned hospitals.
  • “It poses a conflict of interest. His family, his wife, will personally benefit from passage of legislation like that and that also means the lawmaker will benefit,” Holman said.
  • Financial disclosures show that Laina Marshall continued to hold a 14 percent stake in GBRH Properties 2009, LLC — a company that owns land adjacent to Great Bend Regional.


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