October 16, 2020

ICYMI: Roger Marshall Advocates For Social Security Cuts Behind Closed Doors 

Topeka, KS – Today, the Kansas Reflector reported Roger Marshall has been advocating for cuts to Social Security behind closed doors.

From Roger Marshall: “But people that are more than 10 years away, we probably need to start doing something different. We need to move some dials back. Maybe we’re going to delay when they’re going to get to start it, but something has to happen. We’re going in the wrong direction.”

Previous reporting from the Kansas City Star found that Roger Marshall is employing his campaign staff as independent contractors to avoid paying “thousands in payroll taxes” which directly fund Social Security and support Kansas’ seniors. The KC Star also found Roger Marshall is “alone among GOP Senate nominees in not paying payroll taxes.”

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Roger Marshall’s proposed Social Security cuts would “cut benefits for all retirees” no matter when they file, and “the cuts could be deep, and they would fall hardest on lower and middle-income Americans — who rely heavily on their hard-earned Social Security and have not shared equally in recent life expectancy gains.”

In response to Roger Marshall’s comments, KDP Chair Vicki Hiatt issued the following statement:

“Roger Marshall is promising behind closed doors to cut Social Security, which would hurt Kansas’ middle and low-income families the hardest. When it comes to protecting the livelihoods of hardworking Kansans, Marshall has proved time and time again he is not willing to stand up for us. Kansans deserve a U.S. Senator who will tell the truth and protect Social Security – we know that’s not Roger Marshall.”


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