October 14, 2020

ICYMI: Jake LaTurner Refuses to Comment on “Murky” and “Misleading” Ad

Topeka, KS – Yesterday, the Kansas Reflector set the record straight on Jake LaTurner’s “murky” and “misleading” ad. Additionally described as “falsely” informing voters by including “political distortions” and “selective editing,” LaTurner proceeded to no-comment on his indefensible ad.

“It’s concerning enough that Jake LaTurner would approve a misleading ad, but to then refuse to take responsibility for lying to hardworking Kansans is both classless and disqualifying,” said KDP Spokesperson Reeves Oyster. “While Jake LaTurner spreads falsehoods across KS-02, Michelle De La Isla continues to bring people together to advocate for affordable health care, economic development and a bipartisan, commonsense approach to leadership.”

Key Sections from the Kansas Reflector:

  • Republican congressional candidate Jake LaTurner’s campaign put a commercial into wide circulation that contains murky video of Topeka Mayor Michelle De La Isla participating in a street protest with the voiceover falsely telling potential voters she worked to defund the capital city’s police department.
  • Topeka has not, despite claims underlying LaTurner’s campaign commercial, defunded the police department at the behest of De La Isla or anyone else. In fact, the Topeka City Council with backing from De La Isla as a council member and mayor elevated the department’s budget since 2017 by $5 million to surpass the $40 million mark.
  • “False attack ads like this are exactly what people hate about Washington-style politics,” Stephanie Houghton, campaign manager for De La Isla said. “Kansans are looking for someone who will focus on work across the aisle to bridge the partisan divide and get to work on our toughest challenges.”
  • The LaTurner campaign declined to comment Monday on the commercial released this month into four media markets serving the 25-county district extending from Nebraska to Oklahoma.
  • The condensing of her remarks and the splicing of the video became more evident after repeated watching of the commercial. De La Isla’s campaign provided audio and video of the 24-minute news conference, which was attended by Topeka’s police chief and city manager.


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