October 9, 2020

Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle Promises Republicans Will Gerrymander Kansas Maps In Viral Video

Topeka, KS – This morning, video surfaced of Senator Susan Wagle promising listeners that Republican leadership in the Kansas Legislature will gerrymander state districts and draw “four Republican Congressional districts” in Kansas if they maintain a supermajority.

Senator Wagle’s Remarks:

[00:09 – 00:15]: “During redistricting, I need to give her [Renee Erickson] some more Republican neighborhoods in order to make sure she stays elected.”

[00:15 – 00:40]: “So redistricting is right around the corner, and if Governor Kelly can veto a Republican bill that gives us four Republican congressmen, that takes out Sharice Davids up in the third, we can do that. I guarantee you, we can draw four Republican congressional maps, but we can’t do it unless we have a two-thirds majority in the Senate and House.”

This shocking admission from Senator Wagle comes on the heels of House Majority Leader Dan Hawkins stating earlier this week that “Democrats are running a campaign focused on baseless redistricting allegations.”

“Susan Wagle just said the quiet part of Republicans’ strategy to manipulate our districts out loud. By promising to gerrymander districts in the Kansas Legislature and write Rep. Sharice Davids out of office, Republican leadership just made it clear they intend to undermine the voices of hardworking Kansans,” said KDP Chair Vicki Hiatt. “This video is a cynical and extremely disappointing display of the extremist, obstructionist politics that have marked Republican leadership in the Kansas Legislature, but it crystallizes the truth: Kansans can no longer trust them to fight for our best interests.”


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