September 15, 2020

ICYMI: Despite Flouting Public Health Guidance, Roger Marshall Refers to Himself as a “Frontline Worker”

Topeka, KS – While he jeopardizes hardworking Kansans by campaigning unsafely across Kansas, Roger Marshall recently referred to himself as a “frontline worker much like a doctor and nurse.”

Not only is this claim false, it is brazenly disrespectful to Kansas’ actual frontline workers who have put themselves in harm’s way for months to address COVID-19, keep our economy running and provide critical food and resources across the nation. Instead of doing his job as a Congressman, Roger Marshall is:

  • Misleading Kansans by spreading conspiracy theories and downplaying COVID-19.
  • Consistently violating public health guidance while he campaigns.
  • Promoting and potentially prescribing himself hydroxychloroquine, despite it being unproven and dangerous.
  • Leaning against a future COVID-19 stimulus bill that would provide additional aid to frontline workers and vulnerable Kansans.
  • Undermining our healthcare system with his backwards policies such as opposing Medicaid expansion and supporting a lawsuit that would remove healthcare from over 94,000 Kansans during a public health crisis.

“From this egregious statement to his support of an ACA lawsuit that would strip healthcare from over 94,000 Kansans, Roger Marshall continues to prove he is woefully out-of-touch with hardworking Kansans,” said KDP Spokesperson Reeves Oyster.

Key Quotes from the KC Star:

  • Mark Woods, a registered Republican who described himself as voting independently, said he had considered Marshall, but is sold on Bollier. “I like all of her positions on healthcare very much, and I like her stances on guns. I can’t say that there’s very much I disagree with her on,” said Woods, who asked Bollier a question about Medicare negotiating drug prices during the event.
  • He pointed to Marshall’s vote last month against $25 billion in relief funding for the U.S. Postal Service as a disappointment.
  • Both parties have grown their ranks since 2016, but Democrats have grown at a slightly faster rate. Their share of the Kansas electorate is up by roughly 2 percentage points since Trump’s election, a shift that has been particularly pronounced in the Kansas City area.
  • However, Sharp said Marshall’s rhetoric downplaying the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to 190,000 deaths in the U.S., will turn off centrist voters, especially in Johnson County, the state’s most populous county.
  • Facebook deleted a recent post from Marshall in which the congressman and OB-GYN promoted a conspiracy theory that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had “quietly updated” its COVID data, suggesting that data on comorbidities, in many cases chronic health conditions, “reflects the difference between dying from COVID-19 and dying with COVID-19.”
  • “I’ve got a job to do and my job is running for the United States Senate. I’m a frontline worker much like a doctor and nurse,” Marshall said. “Kansans want their leaders out front, not campaigning from home. They want to look me in the eye.”
  • State Rep. Jan Kessinger, a moderate Republican who lost his August primary, said images of Marshall without a mask on the campaign trail are “a big red flag” for moderate voters. “He knows better, but he chooses because it’s an act of defiance,” said Kessinger, one of 75 GOP office holders to endorse Bollier.
  • “I have never voted for a Democrat for U.S. Senate in my lifetime, but I’m going to vote for Barbara Bollier. I know that Barbara will go to Washington and work across the aisles because that’s how she did things in Kansas,” former State Rep. Tom Moxley, a rancher from Council Grove, says while sporting a cowboy hat in an ad Bollier rolled out the day after the August primary.
  • Marshall put up a TV ad that takes Bollier’s words brazenly out of context, and rearranging them to imagine how it would “sound if Bollier’s ads actually matched her liberal record.”
  • An analysis of Bollier’s voting record by professors at Princeton University and the University of Houston shows that Bollier – far from liberal – was among the the state’s most moderate Republican lawmakers before leaving the party.


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