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FROM: Kansas Democratic Party

DATE: September 9, 2020



“Donald Trump and Roger Marshall’s records of misleading and misrepresenting COVID-19 to hardworking Kansans make it crystal clear that we cannot trust either of them to tell the truth,” said KDP Spokesperson Reeves Oyster. “Since Kansans can’t trust Roger Marshall to lead during a crisis, they certainly can’t trust him to advocate for our best interests if elected.”

Trump’s Bombshell Admission 

Today, Donald Trump revealed in a recording that he wanted to “always play it down” regarding the very real threats posed by COVID-19. This bombshell admission comes on the heels of over 6.3 million confirmed cases, 190,000 American deaths, and Roger Marshall recently ranking Donald Trump’s response to the virus as an “A+.”

Roger Marshall’s Disastrous COVID-19 Record

Instead of taking COVID-19 seriously, Roger Marshall rubber-stamped his Republican colleagues’ talking points, promoted an unsubstantiated and potentially dangerous cure to COVID-19 and, most recently, propagated conspiracy theories understating the COVID-19 death toll.

Timeline on Roger Marshall’s failure to lead on COVID-19:

  • MARCH: Marshall misled the severity of the virus to Kansans. 
    • Marshall stated, “First of all it [COVID-19] has been sensationalized… the left socialist media has blown it out of proportion, they’ve used this as an attack tool on the president…”
    • Marshall stated, “Right now, if you live in Kansas you have a greater chance of catching the seasonal flu and having a serious complication than you do of having a serious complication from corona.”
  • APRIL: Marshall continued to mislead Kansans.
    • Marshall claimed we would lose more people to suicide and depression than COVID-19 if America did not reopen its economy. Marshall added that “the peak of the coronavirus in Kansas is going to be the end of April, maybe April 27th, April 30th, something like that.”
    • He further claimed the US was “probably overattributing deaths to the coronavirus.”
  • MAY: Marshall claimed the worst days of the coronavirus pandemic were behind Kansas and urges Kansans to take hydroxychloroquine.
    • Stating: “I would encourage any person over the age of 65 or with an underlying medical condition to talk to their own physician about taking hydroxychloroquine and I’m relieved President Trump is taking it.”
    • Marshall’s statements prompted the KC Star Editorial Board to ponder: “If Trump jumped off a cliff, would Kansas Rep. Roger ‘Doc’ Marshall copy that, too?”
  • JUNE: Marshall downplayed Kansas’ COVID-19 death rate and risk.
    • Marshall said  “fortunately” Kansas’ death rate was only one or two people a day and predicted a decline in the number of cases.
    • Marshall previously stated there was a “greater COVID-19 risk at Walmart than meatpacking plants.”
  • JULY: Marshall overpromised Kansans instead of working to find solutions.
    • Marshall says a vaccine for high-risk patients could be ready by Thanksgiving.
    • Marshall on students returning to school says “since children are rarely impacted by the virus, there is little risk,” which has proven to be incorrect.
    • Marshall stated: “I don’t think we need to be spending more money right now” when asked about another needed COVID-19 stimulus bill.
  • AUGUST: Marshall spread misinformation on COVID-19 to Kansans.
    • Marshall spread misleading and dangerous information about COVID-19 to Kansans and on Facebook.
    • He also implied that he is prescribing himself hydroxychloroquine and said, “I think if you’re under the age of 65, that probably right now that driving a car in Kansas is more dangerous than the virus.”
    • Marshall continued to campaign from town to town without a mask, putting Kansans at risk.
    • Marshall again made an unsubstantiated claim that a COVID-19 vaccine will be available before the end of the year.


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