August 26, 2020

ICYMI – Topeka Capital Journal: Call to Boycott Goodyear Tires Crossed Line

Topeka, KS – Last week, Donald Trump called on his base to “cancel” Goodyear tires, an American company that employs thousands of hardworking Kansans and is critical to Kansas’ economy. In response, the Topeka Capital Journal Editorial Board rightfully condemned Trump’s anti-worker rhetoric.

“Donald Trump’s attacks on Goodyear Tires is the latest example he is out-of-touch with hardworking Americans,” said KDP Chair Vicki Hiatt. “From prioritizing those at the top in his tax scam to blundering the strong economy he inherited from the Obama/Biden Administration, Donald Trump is the worst job president in history and his incompetence is hurting Kansans. America needs a President who can improve our economy, strengthen our middle class and prioritize sustainable growth, which is why Kansans will vote for Joe Biden to Build Back Better.”

Key Quotes from the Topeka Capital Journal Editorial Board:

  • President Trump was out of line this week in calling for a boycott of Goodyear tires.
  • The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., which has plants in Topeka and across the country, employs hard-working Americans… The company is critical to many local economies. So why on earth would the president go after such a company? Shouldn’t he be praising its dedication to keeping jobs in the United States?
  • President Trump sees the world as a zero-sum battle to the death. And the only thing worth fighting over, in his mind, is his own accomplishment and prowess. It doesn’t matter if an American company or American jobs are harmed or lost in the process.
  • The president should support Goodyear. He should apologize for his remarks. And he should understand that it’s really not all about him.

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