August 24, 2020

SHOT/CHASER: Roger Marshall’s Actions Speak Louder Than Words

On the USPS and COVID-19 relief for Kansas families, Roger Marshall claims he supports hardworking Kansans. His actions and voting record proves he will consistently put his party bosses in D.C. before what’s best for his constituents.


Shot: On Sunday, Roger Marshall falsely claimed he is a “leading supporter of the post office” in an op-ed.

Chaser: The day before, Marshall voted against a House Bill to allocate $25 billion to the US Postal Service and stop operational changes including cutting overtime for employees, limiting post office hours and removing high-volume mail sorting machines from USPS facilities that have delayed mail services across the nation. Marshall went as far as describing the relief bill as a “piece of trash”“a waste of Congress’ time” and claimed the Post Office “has all the money they need right now.”

Bonus Shot: Statewide, Kansans worry about what the impacts the Marshall-backed operational changes will mean for their livelihoods:

  • After a 30-year career at Ellsworth Post Office in rural Kansas, Peggy Hand “fears the intimate connection rural communities enjoy with the Postal Service could be endangered as the agency faces its gravest challenge in years” and adds the Ellsworth’s post office has already been “extremely short handed” for years.
  • Tom Giessel, a farmer near Larned, says “The portal I have is that mailbox out on the road… Those mailboxes are pretty darn sacred.”
  • John Leatherman, a professor and expert on local economics at KSU, “called the post office an ‘anchor institution’ for rural areas that provides the chance to meet with acquaintances and renew social ties… ‘[major changes to the postal service] will cause a certain degree of social disruption and it will hurt people in rural communities.’”
  • Rural Kansans cite first-hand experience of mail delays, Keith Bailey “used to take cattle to market on Thursday ‘and I’d have my check the next morning.’ Now it takes several more days, he said.”
  • “Most rural residents interviewed voiced support for financial aid to the Postal Service.”

Bonus Chaser: Marshall said the changes being made to the USPS that have caused widely reported delays in mail delivery were not accurate and just a “hoax by the Democrats.” After refusing to comment on Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s reckless changes, he stated that DeJoy is doing a “solid job” as Kansans wait for delayed deliveries of medication and other critical mail.


Shot: In a statement, Roger Marshall says Congress should be “focusing on COVID-19 relief legislation to help Kansans.”

Chaser: Roger Marshall “leans no” on any future COVID-19 relief, stating “I don’t think we need to spend any more money right now.”

Instead of protecting Kansans who have lost their jobs and health care as a results of the COVID-19 crisis, Roger Marshall supports an ACA lawsuit to remove health care from 23 million Americans, including 94,000 Kansans, that would also put over 133 million Americans with preexisting conditions at risk of losing coverage during the worst public health and economic crisis in decades.

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