July 31, 2020

ICYMI: Amanda Adkins Praises Brownback Administration as “Fiscally Prudent” 

Adkins Desperately Tries to Downplay her Role in Kansas’s Largest Economic Failure 

Topeka, KS – This week in a KCUR interview, Amanda Adkins praised her former boss Sam Brownback as “fiscally prudent” while trying to distance herself from the same disastrous tax experiment she quarterbacked during her time in the Brownback administration.

Amanda Adkins can try to downplay her role in executing Brownback’s disastrous tax plan, but her record speaks for itself. During her time as Children’s Cabinet Chair, Adkins praised Brownback’s tax experiment and helped gut funding for Kansas’s education systemcutting millions of dollars to critical early childhood programs and abetted the reckless tax policies that tanked Kansas’s economy.

“Amanda Adkins’ most recent praise of the Brownback administration as ‘fiscally prudent’ is the latest example of how out-of-touch she is with Kansans. Hardworking families are still dealing with the fallout of the Brownback-Adkins tax experiment,” commented KDP Executive Director Ben Meers, “No matter how hard she tries to distance herself from her old boss, Kansans will not forget Adkins’ involvement in our state’s largest economic failure.”

Listen to Amanda Adkins double down on her support of Brownback’s devastating tax experiment here with notable excerpts below:

[00:07:11] KCUR: Question – Amanda, do you view Governor Brownback’s administration as a success?

[00:07:17] AA: Um, I mean I think there are a number of things that Governor Brownback did that were important. Early on, you know, a lot of people will remember that you know, he entered into being Governor with significant shortfalls that he early on was very fiscally prudent in how he approached the budget and I think that a lot of republicans in particular, even as this primary race has come up, really do appreciate that you know, fiscal restraint is very important to me as a candidate. It’s one of the reasons why it’s the first theme within my path to prosperity plan and one of the reasons why I’ve been focused on the national debt because I just you know, 26.2 trillion by end of this year…I don’t feel comfortable as a mother and somebody who’s lead in business ya know stacking hundreds of thousands in debt on top of our children.

[00:08:08] KCUR: Question – So did ya think his tax cuts were the right decision?

[00:08:12] AA: Uh, Steve, you know, I am always going to be an advocate for tax relief and in particular…you know, I can’t speak to this time period, again I didn’t work in his administration other than focusing on children’s policies but for this particular time period in terms of tax relief right now. I have been a very strong advocate having spoken with a lot of businesses and this economic crisis about the importance of a payroll tax holiday. I’m a big supporter of the federal government 2017 tax cuts that benefited both individuals and business. So, in general, am I an advocate for tax relief? Absolutely.


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