June 12, 2020

ICYMI: Kansas GOP to feature Vice President of Islamophobic Hate Group as Keynote Speaker in Dodge City event, #KSSEN Candidates Roger Marshall, Kris Kobach and Dave Lindstrom scheduled to attend

Topeka, KS – The Dodge City Republican Expo organized by the Kansas Republican Party’s First Congressional District will feature the Vice President of Understanding the Threat, a noted anti-Islamic extremist hate group, as its keynote speaker later this month. Scheduled guests include U.S. Senate candidates Roger Marshall, Kris Kobach and Dave Lindstrom, along with KS-01 candidates Bill Clifford and Tracey Mann.

Established by disgraced FBI agent John Guandolo, the Dallas-based organization has been classified as an anti-muslim hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Understanding the Threat President John Guandolo has previously made headlines for religiously profiling a Southwest Airlines employee, calling on Donald Trump to execute John Brennan, Jim Comey and other government officials for treason and assaulting a Minnesota sheriff for questioning his discriminatory claims.

In response to the Kansas GOP featuring hateful, inflammatory and Islamophobic rhetoric, Kansas Democratic Party officials released the following statements: 

KDP Chairwoman Vicki Hiatt: “During a time when the nation is calling for institutional change, the Kansas GOP is actively condoning inflammatory, Islamophobic rhetoric by hosting a noted hate group at their Republican Expo. The latest from the Kansas GOP is unequivocally against the principles that hardworking Kansans represent, and I call on the Kansas GOP and their candidates Roger Marshall, Kris Kobach, Dave Lindstrom, Bill Clifford and Tracey Mann to condemn the Islamophobic rhetoric of Understanding the Threat and to pull out from this disgraceful event.”

KDP Executive Director Ben Meers: “This is sadly another clear demonstration of how out-of-touch the Kansas GOP is with hardworking Kansans. The rhetoric tied to the Islamophobic, conspiracy group hosted by the Kansas GOP is categorically un-American. Kansan voters have rejected discrimination time and time again – when voters reach the ballot box on November 3rd, they will remember where the GOP lands on issues of liberty and justice for all.”

KDP First District Chairwoman Sage TeBeest: “We hold our leaders to a higher standard in Western Kansas than associating themselves with and inviting an identified hate group to speak to our district. It is disturbing to learn Congressman Roger Marshall has chosen fearmongering and peddling in conspiracy theories instead of proposing solutions for farmers with no markets to sell their crops, rural communities struggling, and businesses reeling from COVID-19. We understand the path forward is by embracing our diverse district. Just as western Kansas was settled 120 years ago by immigrants looking for a better life for their families, the same is true today. The future of rural Kansas is brightest when we embrace diversity.”

Ford County Democratic Chair Johnny Dunlap: “The hate-filled, paranoid, and dishonest rhetoric promoted by Understanding the Threat and its leadership has no place in Ford County or anywhere else across the free state of Kansas. It is completely and utterly disgraceful for the Kansas GOP and its Republican candidates to sanction the ignorant and Islamophobic positions of a noted hate group. The Ford County Chapter of the Kansas Democratic Party will continue to fight for justice and equality across Southwest Kansas.”

Read more about the Kansas GOP featuring an Islamophobic hate group at their Expo Event: 

The Dodge Globe: Dodge City Republican Expo coming June 27 (06/10/2020)

Republican candidates for the upcoming 2020 election cycle will be on hand for the Dodge City Republican Expo at noon Saturday, June 27, at United Wireless Arena.

Tickets for the event are $10 and can be reserved at WildWestRWClub.com.

The ticket will include drinks and refreshments and seating will be limited.

Organized by the Kansas Republican Party’s First Congressional District and the local Dodge City Wild West Republican Women’s Club, the Republican Expo will include U.S. Senate candidates Roger Marshall, Kris Kobach and Dave Lindstrom, and the 1st Congressional District Republican candidate debate with Bill Clifford from Garden City and Tracey Mann from Salina, moderated by KNSS Radio host John Whitmer.

John Bennett, vice president for Understanding the Threat, will be the keynote speaker.

According to 1st Congressional District Kansas GOP vice chair and Wild West Republican Women’s Club president Laura Tawater, Understanding the Threat is a national organization dedicated to educating and training elected officials and law enforcement on how to identify and dismantle Marxist/communist and jihadi networks in America.

Additional vendors on hand will be the Kansas Federation of College Republicans, National Rifle Association, Convention of States, R-Calf USA, Kansas State Rifle Association, Kansas Federation of Republican Women 1st and 4th Districts, Kansans for Life and Wild West Republican.

According to Tawater, there will be no personal protective equipment required to attend, with each table sitting six individuals. No concessions will be available.

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