Friday, December 13, 2019

Welcome to the KDP Weekly Rundown – the Kansas Democratic Party’s update of the biggest things going on in the state party and the state government. What are we focused on this week? 2020 Kansas Primary approved by DNC, Washington Days luncheon and banquet tickets, and Crosscheck’s elimination!


  • What’s happening?

The Kansas Democratic Party announced on Dec. 9 that the Democratic National Committee has declared Kansas’ 2020 Delegate Selection Plan to be in full compliance, clearing the way for historic reforms in transparency and accessibility to the 2020 Kansas Democratic Presidential Primary.

The plan’s final approval allows for ranked-choice voting, mail-in voting for active Democrats between March 30 and April 24, and in-person voting from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on May 2 in each of the state’s 40 Senate districts. A mailer explaining the process, including how to vote by mail or in-person and an explanation of ranked choice voting, will be sent to registered Democrats in Kansas on March 9.

Voters will rank their top five choices of the presidential candidates on their ballots. If a candidate receives fewer than a minimum 15 percent of all first-choice votes, votes will be reallocated to the next preferred viable candidate until all candidates remaining receive at least 15 percent.

Because Kansas Democrats will hold their primary in May and the Plan is in full compliance, Kansas has been awarded a 20% bonus in delegates for a total of 47 delegates instead of the original 39. The delegates will be assigned to candidates based on the primary results, which will be released as soon as they are available following in-person voting on May 2.

“Our goal from the beginning has been to design a Delegate Selection Plan that will offer greater participation for Democratic voters in Kansas,” said KDP Chair Vicki Hiatt. “We are excited about increasing our turnout and providing greater accountability in selecting the Democratic candidate for president.”

To learn more and read the entire Delegate Selection Plan, go to


  • What’s happening?

Luncheon and banquet tickets for Washington Days are now on sale! Click here to get your March 7 tickets now and learn more about the largest annual gathering of Kansas Democrats in the state!

Washington Days will be at the Downtown Topeka Ramada and Convention Center on March 6 and 7. While you’re getting tickets, be sure to get a limited edition Washington Days t-shirt and avoid shipping by picking it up at the event!

To learn more, go to Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!


  • What’s happening?

The Secretary of State’s office on Tuesday suspended Crosscheck, a controversial, Social Security number-leaking voter registration program then-Secretary of State Kris Kobach dredged up from relative obscurity to eliminate duplicate files as part of his unfounded crusade against “voter fraud.” The program was declared “dead” by the ACLU of Kansas after the group’s lawsuit with the state was settled.

Crosscheck often determined redundant registration by checking last names across a dwindling number of participating states’ databases. This parameter wrongfully purged countless legitimate people, often from communities of color, from voter rolls in many states. Opponents of Crosscheck say that not only were false positives produced 99 percent of the time, the process required election officials around the country to use unsecured email systems to exchange private voter information.

In 2017, a retired Mission Hills programmer revealed through an open records request that Florida had exposed 945 Kansans’ partial Social Security numbers and other sensitive data after a Kansas official sent the list to the Sunshine State for duplicate searches.


  • What’s happening?

Gov. Laura Kelly heard calls at a Westwood listening session Wednesday evening for prioritizing education, infrastructure, and Medicaid expansion in next year’s state budget. Attendees in five discussion groups at the “Kansan to Kansan Budget Listening Session” at the University of Kansas Health System’s northwest Johnson County campus presented their top three priorities. Additional concerns presented following a 40-minute session included the state’s water vision plan, public transportation, climate change, criminal justice reform, and marijuana legalization.

Gov. Laura Kelly: “I want to make sure that my priorities in the budget reflect the priorities of Kansas as a whole. That’s what I want you to help me with tonight.”


  • What’s happening?

The Governor’s Council on Medicaid Expansion held its third and final meeting Thursday. Gov. Kelly gave brief remarks at the beginning of the Statehouse gathering on the importance of Medicaid expansion and thanked council members for their commitment to the issue. Council members then discussed the impacts of Medicaid expansion in participating states and considered the existing Senate and House proposals on the subject.

Gov. Kelly: “I appreciate the Council’s thorough study of other states’ Medicaid expansion practices and its commitment to engaging in a thoughtful, bipartisan discussion this fall. Today’s discussion reflects my vision for a form of Medicaid expansion that works for Kansas.”