November 6, 2018

Kansas Democrats Sweep Governorship, Return to Congress

Topeka, KS – Tonight, Kansans voted for change. They voted for putting partisanship aside, a change in tone, and for common sense. They voted for a state in which we look out for one another and put everyday people before politics. While we’re still waiting on the outcome of several important races, this much is clear: Sen. Laura Kelly will be our next governor and, for the first time in eight years, Kansas will be sending a Democrat to Congress in Sharice Davids.

The enduring story of Kansas is one of perseverance against all odds. Embodied in the motto John James Ingalls wrote at our state’s founding: the aspiration to reach the unreachable and to realize the unrealizable. In his words, Ad Astra per Aspera, to the stars through difficulties.

Tonight’s election results, victories and close defeats among them, would not have been possible without the incredible work of our tireless volunteers and organizers, the energized, inspired Democrats from our largest cities and smallest towns, the everyday Kansans who bridged whatever gulf some may believe separates us. The Kansas Democratic Party is stronger because of these efforts, but much more importantly, the people of Kansas are even stronger.

Tonight we celebrate. Tomorrow we get to work for all Kansans — those that voted for our candidates and those that did not — to heal our state, fund our schools, and make sure every Kansan has access to affordable health care.

November 7th, 2018|