October 26, 2018

Why Won’t Watkins Share His Healthcare Plans?

Topeka, KS – In a Kansas City Star story published Wednesday, Steve Watkins once again dodged questions about one of the most important issues facing his would-be constituents: “Watkins’ campaign didn’t respond to a request for an interview on his health care priorities” and “his campaign website says little about the issue.”

Said Kansas Democratic Party Spokesman Zach Helder, “With just 11 days until voters decide who they can trust to represent them, why won’t Watkins share his views on healthcare? He has said before that his priority is “repealing health care” and repealing laws that protect people with pre-existing conditions. I’d bet it’s because he knows that, while the special-interest money fueling his campaign might like these ideas, these protections are critical for Kansans with asthma, cancer and diabetes. This is a position of public trust– between Watkins’ evasiveness on the issues, and his pattern of lies, Kansans cannot trust Watkins to represent them.”

Watkins has made a habit of evading questions on important issues– the story came just days after Kansas Public Radio reported that Watkins had “provided few details” about how he plans to means-test Social Security.

Steve Watkins has been infamously absent and unavailable as he campaigns to represent the Kansas 2nd Congressional District. That’s why last week, the Kansas Democratic Party launched a website,“Who’s Steve Watkins?”, a one-stop resource for educating voters about the unanswered questions of Watkins’ candidacy. It highlights Watkins’ lies about his business career, and time as an adventurer; his unclear positions on critical issues; and his unwillingness to host non-partisan public events.

The website comes after weeks of embarrassing reports revealing Watkins has lied about multiple elements of his background. Watkins had claimed to own an engineering and security small business. The Kansas City star revealed he never did, and the CEO had “never heard of him.” Watkins had published a testimonial on his website attesting to his “heroic” action in the aftermath of an earthquake during his climb of Mount Everest– but the fellow climber to whom he attributed the testimonial said that was completely made up.

It also has pages highlighting Watkins’ pubic evasiveness. He has not held any non-partisan public events, and has “dumbfounded” even his supporters as he’s quickly left public forums.

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