October 23, 2018

Yoder Rewarded with Ryan Fundraiser for Votes Threatening Social Security and Medicare

Topeka, KS – This evening, Paul Ryan is coming to Mission Hills to raise money for Kevin Yoder’s re-election.

Though Yoder loves to pretend the role of thoughtful independent, it is no surprise that Ryan continues to raise money for Yoder, given he’s been a reliable yes-vote in Washington for his right-wing agenda. Yoder voted for Ryan’s infamously callous budgets that call for billions in cuts to Medicare and Social Security– not just once but twice this year alone.

Ryan’s support goes beyond fundraising events – a Ryan-affiliated Super PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund, has spent over $2.7 million on Yoder’s behalf.

Ryan’s visit comes amid controversy from comments made last week by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, arguing in an interview that the ballooning deficit is not Republicans’ fault, but rather unwillingness to cut essential programs for seniors like Medicare and Social Security.

Non-partisan groups attribute the 50% growth of the deficit to last year’s GOP tax bill for corporations and the wealthy. Yet, as the bill was being debated last year, Kevin Yoder said that the bill largely paid for itself with new revenues from economic growth– no matter that these arguments were shown to be fantasy by non-partisan analysis from groups like the Joint Committee on Taxation. Yoder promised he would not support cuts to Medicare and Social Security, and that they would not be necessary, to reduce the deficit. As we saw with his budget votes this year, that was a false promise.

Said Kansas Democratic Party Spokesman Zach Helder, “Ryan’s fundraiser and Super PAC money is Yoder’s prize for choosing Washington Republican leaders over Kansans. He’ll tell us here at home that he won’t cut Social Security or Medicare for our seniors, who have paid into these programs their whole lives. Then he’ll go to Washington and vote however Trump or Ryan want him to, just in case he needs a fundraiser like this one. This position is ‘Representative’ – you can’t choose special interest money over ordinary Kansans every single time and be fit for office.”

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