October 22, 2018

Fact Checking the 2nd KS-02 Debate

Topeka, KS – Tonight, Steve Watkins and Paul Davis met for the second televised debate in the Kansas 2nd Congressional District on KTWU Topeka. In the debate, Watkins continued to double down on his lies, and invented some new ones along the way.

WATKINS: “With regards to pre-existing conditions, I am a complete advocate of protecting those with pre-existing conditions”

FACT: Watkins said, “The Affordable Care Act Should Be Repealed Completely” And “I’d Like To Focus On […] Repealing Healthcare.” Repeal of ACA would allow insurers to deny protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

WATKINS: “In the Kansas State House, Paul Davis racked up an extremely liberal voting record”

FACT: Paul Davis voted with Republicans 75 percent of the time.

WATKINS: “[Paul] will tell you I didn’t help start and grow a [business]. I did.”

FACT: “Steve Watkins Inflated His Role … By Telling Voters He Owned A Company He Built From Scratch. He Didn’t.”

These lies are the reason why his Republican opponents during the KS-02 primary race called him a “fraud” and accused him of lying, while almost 40 KS-02 grassroots leaders announced their opposition to his candidacy after he sent out a misleading mailer.

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