October 20, 2018

Statement on Dodge City Polling Place Relocation

Dodge City, KS – The decision to move the single polling place in Dodge City to an out-of-town location more than a mile away from the nearest bus stop is an act of voter suppression, plain and simple. The Kansas Democratic Party is combating this suppression by raising funds and recruiting volunteers to ensure all eligible Dodge City voters are able to vote and have their vote counted. To support this effort, please go to KansasDems.org/DodgeGOTV.

Unfortunately, this recent development is not the first time voting rights have been restricted in Dodge City. The 13,000 registered voters in the Dodge City area have had just one voting location since 2002, even though polling places in Kansas typically serve an average 1,200 voters. Dodge City’s polling place was previously located at the Civic Center in the more affluent, predominantly white part of the city, far away from where the city’s Latino residents, who make up 60 percent of the city’s population, predominantly live.

The reliance on just one polling place, combined with the unconstitutional and illegal voter suppression efforts of Kris Kobach, contributed to a Latino voter turnout of just 17 percent in the last midterm election, far below the 61 percent turnout of the white electorate. After serving as Kansas’ secretary of state for eight years, Kobach’s quest to suppress eligible Kansas voters has left Kansas’ election process in shambles.

We look forward to additional polling places being opened, including in Dodge City. Kansans deserve better.

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