October 17, 2018

Steve Watkins Says He Would Privatize Social Security

Topeka, KS – In an interview with the Lawrence Journal-World published yesterday, Steve Watkins said he was open to privatizing Social Security.

Policy analysts have long acknowledged that privatization of the program would lead to massive transition costs, including cuts to benefits that seniors have worked their whole lives to earn.

The interview comes just as Republican leaders are dodging responsibility for the deficit ballooning after the GOP’s tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. In the same year that they authorized $2 trillion in deficit spending for their tax scam, they are calling for deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Based on today’s comments, it appears Watkins would be an eager rubber stamp for dismantling these critical programs.

Said Kansas Democratic Party Spokesman Zach Helder, “Kansas Seniors have worked their whole lives to earn their Social Security benefits. Instead of offering serious ideas to improve the sustainability of the program, Watkins is advocating burning whole program down, and leaving older Kansans empty-handed when their hard-earned retirement finally arrives. We need a representative who’s a bipartisan problem-solver in the Kansas tradition, and Watkins clearly isn’t it.”

According to Census data, over 120,000 seniors live in the Kansas 2nd Congressional District, and an additional nearly 50,000 residents will reach retirement age in the next five years, making Medicare and Social Security top concerns for voters in eastern Kansas.

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